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date a heathrow escort for 110 pounds

When I was flying into London’s Heathrow airport on a six hour layover most of my friends told me to bring lots of books, an iPad, a laptop and see about possibly getting some work done. But one of my friends gave me an even better tip. He told me about and their special escort rates of £110 for a date inside the airport. I didn’t know what to expect and he told me not to plan it out. Treat it like you would any other first time encounter so I did. Boy was I ever glad I did!

My mind swam with anticipation the entire day and while I was on my flight over the Atlantic. Instead of feeling bored I felt excited. One of my seatmates even asked if I was seeing a lover in London. He could tell I was up to something. I didn’t let on that I was seeing an escort and left it at seeing a girl I used to know from college.

When my plane landed I looked for the beautiful girl I had picked out on and found her waiting for me right at the front of the pack. Our eyes met and we shared big warm smiles for each other. My pulse began to race. What would I say to her? Should I try to hug her? As I approached she bounded towards me and wrapped her arms around me telling me how much she has always liked the smell of my cologne. That put a smile on my face.

For the next hour I told her about my trip and she told me about how her day was going. We had diner and some drinks before she rubbed my shoulders and massaged my neck. Eventually she had to go, but I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I couldn’t wait to see her again on my return trip!

Get the VIP treatment for just £110 from escorts in Heathrow airport. You can stick to the terminals or hit a hotel for a more intimate and personal date with your chosen girl. Trust me when I say you will love this service!

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